Tuesday, December 11, 2012

so little time these days

Argh, Christmas is coming and I'm not near ready, a condition that seems to happen this time every year. I start thinking of the holidays sometime in early fall, and think, 'Oh, I have tons of time to get this all done'. Then next thing I know, Christmas is two weeks away and I'm panicking. Sigh. To top things off, I've just been assigned a pile of work for my day job.

So, panic has ensued, and my writing has taken a back seat yet again. Oh, I'm whittling away at things. I do have deadlines to reach. I just had my second story for my second Hottest Heat collection at Cambridge Press accepted. What Are Friends For? is a sequel to my story Perfect Stranger that appeared in the first collection. I'm working on the third story, Watching Him, which I hope to finish within the next two weeks. Then I need to move on to a novella I'm writing for Phaze.

Which reminds me, my first Phaze novella, An Appetite for Seduction, is slated to come out Feb. 5, 2013. I don't have a cover yet, but hopefully soon. I'm also waiting on edits for that one. Again, that'll happen soon.

And in the moments between work sessions, I work hard to finish gathering Christmas gifts, getting baking done, picking up supplies and wrapping. I know that Christmas will come and go in a flash and I'll wonder why I put myself through all the stress. Next year? Get my shopping done in the summer and avoid this last minute hassle. Yeah. Right. Like that'll happen. ;o)

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