Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot damn, but it's hot!

Man but is it hot out there! I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and temps have been ugly high this past month. It's also been uber after day of rain and thunderstorms. So the hot days feel somewhat like I recall Florida feeling like. Air that stands up and slaps you in the face. Heat and I do not get along well at the best of times. I'm a plus sized gal and I'm in menopause, so this heat and humidity takes a toll. Thank God for AC, or I'd never survive.

I suddenly realized that over a month had gone by and I hadn't blogged. I feel so negligent! But I've been working on editing jobs (for which I get paid, so important to keep on top of), and I've been writing. And there are ongoing family responsibilities that take up many of my days.

As I posted last time, my interracial novella Hot for the Handyman got accepted at Phaze. I now have the cover art.
Isn't he pretty??? Sigh...bestill my heart.  

I expect it to be released sometime later in July. I'll keep you posted when it's available.

I had it suggested to me that this book could be the first in a series of  "Hot For" books. After giving it some thought, I agreed, so have drafted a loose outline for Book 2 which will be Hot for the Doctor.  He's a doctor doing humanitarian work in a third world country hit by a savage hurricane. She's a reporter covering the storm. The two meet, and sparks fly...

But before I get to that one, I've begun book one of my Family Jewels trilogy.  The Jewel triplets have graduated college and are embarking on their chosen careers. Ruby has become a police officer. Opal has gone into teaching. And Citrine...well, she's having a little trouble settling down. Each are driven by the need to overcome their family scandal which took place when they were in grade school.
Each sister will get their own book. I've started Ruby's story, as yet untitled.

And I can't forget that I have a third Hottest Heat mini-collection coming out in September from Cambridge Press US. I just need to get the three stories written. Sigh...I need to clone me...LOL
Till next time,

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