Friday, July 26, 2013

Now available

Hot for the Handyman is now available at Phaze Books

Having briefly dated a younger man (twelve years my junior), this story of an older woman and her younger lover hits close to home. My story didn't have the happy ending, but Yvetta's (my heroine) does.

After the book was finished, though, I found that I was quite interested in what happened with a couple of the secondary characters...Yvetta's daughter Tanisha, and her best friend, Cherise.  Since then, ideas have been bubbling around in my brain (and keeping me awake at night!) for short stories that tell they're own love stories.

In Hot for the Handyman, Tanisha didn't approve of her mother's relationship with the much younger Ray. I think she needs to gain a little understanding about how you can't always control the heart. The heart chooses who the heart chooses. So expect her story to have some angst for the young woman.   And Cherise, the non-apologetic cougar, will likely find herself falling for the least likely candidate in her opinion---a man her own age or older.  Look for these stories in the near future.

I also had it suggested to me, that perhaps there are more "Hot for..." stories to be had, creating a series. I agreed, so have mapped out the next story already, and have an inkling of an idea for a third. There may be more, but I don't want to overwhelm myself. So, it looks like my project list is getting longer, and I won't run out of stories to tell well into 2015!

I think I'd better get started on them.
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