Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm a doofus...

It's official. I'm a doofus. Sigh. And it's all because I failed to check my Paige Bennett email addie every day. The Swirl awards are underway, and I missed the deadline to finalize my entry by two days. TWO DAYS! All I had to do was send in a pdf of my entry, and finalize my personal details. But I missed the reminder email ('cause, remember, I'm a doofus) and so the awards go on without me, and my book Lust and Found.  I'll get a chance to enter again next year, and I will do it, and you can bet, I'll be obsessive about checking that email addie on a daily basis.

Now for some good news. I got my cover art for my story Cheek to Cheek. And it's gorgeous.

Single highschool coach Jared Whitman is horrified when his little sister insists that he take ballroom dance lessons in preparation for her upcoming wedding.  Diandra Davis loves teaching ballroom but it can't fill all the lonely corners of her life. When the two meet the attraction is instantaneous, the heat palpable, but a big misunderstanding threatens to keep them apart. 
It's coming out May 22, from Phaze.  I hope you'll check it out.

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