Saturday, April 28, 2012

The continuing saga of "Joe" and other works in progress

So, I saw Joe again. Sigh. Considering my reservations about getting involved, I'm really enjoying myself. It seems parts of me have been asleep for a good long while, and it feels good to have them very yummy ways. I'm still not sure where it's all headed, but am working hard against my usually impatient, self doubting nature, to just go with the flow.

And along with my promising love life, comes a renewed furvor to my writing. I'm inspired. No, I won't write the juicy details of my own pursuits, but instead will dig deep into that naughty side of my nature that I tend to keep in tight check in my everyday life, and see what deliciousness emerges.

At the moment I have a few works in progress:
*a May/Dec pairing of coed and professor where the coed is clearly the aggressor (the sex is HOT)
*a short novella around the food services industry...(hm...the food scene in the film 91/2 Weeks comes to mind...or the one in the classic, Tom Jones)
*a sequel to a story I have contracted with Cambridge Press in which I'm planning my first threesome scene
*and the nigglings of an idea revolving around a female long distance trucker
And there's a notebook full of other ideas and notions.

It's almost May, and May 22 brings the release of my inter-racial short story Cheek to Cheek from Phaze. Here's the blurb:
Little does Jared Whitman know, when his sister signs him up for dance classes in preparation for her wedding, that he will meet the sexy Diandra Davis and have his whole world turned upside down. But an early miscommunication and some erronious assumptions threaten to end their relationship before it truly starts. Can the pair trust their obvious attraction and the growing heat between them, enough to cast their doubts aside?

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