Friday, April 6, 2012

And the winner is...

Yesterday, I learned of a new writing competition, The Swirl Awards, that pays homage to multi-cultural and interracial romance and erotic romance. It seems strange to me that a competition like this hasn't existed before now, but I'm glad to see it's arrival. I entered my short novella, Lust and Found, which was published August 2011.

From a promotional point of view, I'd love to win. That winner's banner would look so fine on my But I expect the competition will be fierce because there are so many great writers of multicultural books, so I'd be happy to final. That in itself would be an honour. I know my book has been well received and garnered good reviews, so I'm hopeful.

I believe judging happens in June, so I've a long wait ahead, and I'm not the most patient of women.  I imagine I'll be driving myself a little crazy. The key to survival is to get busy on new work. So I'm well into a new story for Phaze, have another partially written that I needed to take a break from to mull over a bit, and I have an outline for a new story for Cambridge Press. So I have no excuses for sitting around biting my fingernails (a nasty habit I just can't seem to break.)

So, dear readers, wish me luck if you don't mind. I'd appreciate the support. And if you're curious about just what it is I do write, you can go to and find my stories: The Awakening of Alyce, Lust and Found, and Beautiful Music. And if you want to read excerpts, you can find them at my website:  

'Till next time!

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