Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

I know today is supposed to be about bad luck superstitions and all that, but for me, I think it might just have become my new favourite day. You see, today I finally met HIM.

Several years ago, on a whim, I posted a profile on a dating site. And over the years I was approached by a lot of guys, only a few to which I responded. Of those few, only one or two went on to become relationships, albeit shortlived ones. A couple of years ago, HE (and from now on I'll call him JOE) contacted me. He was quite a bit younger than me, so initially I decided I wouldn't respond, but he was so cute and his profile really spoke to me. He professed to like 'more mature' women, so one day I worked up the courage to send him an email.

Well, that led to a flurry of IMs back and forth, then we upgraded to phone calls. Joe was so charming and funny with just a touch of naughty boy to make things exciting. But I hesitated to meet face to face. We talked about it a LOT. He pushed hard for a meeting, a LOT. And still I hesitated. I think part of me...a large part...was afraid of somehow disappointing him with the silver in my hair, and the lines on my face and the work that gravity has done to my figure. Stupid, now that I look back on it.

I give him high marks for perseverence, because I must have been the very definition of frustrating for him. But every few weeks he'd call...sometimes I was there to get the calls, often I just got messages. But they kept him in the forefront of my thoughts as I tried to work through my insecurities and take a chance.

Well today, he was working in my area, not ten minutes from my home. He called. I answered for once. And after the usual pleasantries he suggested getting together for coffee. So there it was...the moment of truth. Would I finally just close my eyes and jump in the deep end, or would I find some flimsy excuse to put it off and perhaps finally slam that door shut.  Well, I jumped. And I'm ever so glad I did.

Joe is charming, and handsome...yes, and younger than me (by more than a decade)...but it doesn't seem to matter. The sparks are there on both sides. He thinks I'm sexy. Well, hot damn, I am!! I'd just forgotten for a while. And he's definitely a ten on the hot-o-meter. Life sure just got that much more interesting--and not a black cat in sight.

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