Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here are the first three books that I have available through Phaze. My book, Cheek to Cheek, will be released in May, and Focused Desire will come out sometime later this year.

Kadesha Walters has a good life, a successful business and good friends. The one thing missing is romance. Then one day she witnesses an accident, and finds herself being interviewed at the local precinct. It's here she meets Detective Rick Connors, a big handsome cop who makes her pulse race. Lucky for her, he's just as smitten.

Their romance has a rocky road at first. His work demands his full attention as his team closes in on an important perp.  But then she is terrorized by a burglar in her own store, and Rick's focus turns to keeping his woman safe. The sparks ignite between them and they find bliss in each other's arms.

Nyree Grant, a rising singing sensation discovered on YouTube®, longs to meet a man who can match her in the passion department.
Jack Harris, a successful contractor, has become obsessed with the beautiful singer after seeing her internet video. He's thrilled when she's set to play some concerts in his city. His goal is to meet, and to have, the lovely chanteuse. 
It is lust at first sight for the two and they soon find that they make beautiful music together.

Alyce Mason has it all until she is forced to choose duty to her ailing mother over her love for her highschool sweetheart Gavin. Heartbroken, he leaves town for college and doesn’t look back. She still loves him and regrets what she's lost, but feels that door is now closed.

Twelve years later, at Mrs.Mason’s funeral, Alyce is stunned to run into Gavin, who has come home to pay his respects. But before they can rekindle their relationship, he's called away and she begins to have doubts.

"You must go out there and live your life now. I mean it. Don’t get old and die with regrets like me..." These words, uttered by her mother on her deathbed, resonate with Alyce and, feeling she has nothing left to lose, makes a decision to do just that. She books a trip to a tropical resort catering specifically to plus-sized singles and their admirers.

Through the hedonistic activities she witnesses, and through friendship with a charming Italian, Antonio, Alyce comes to gain confidence in her own attractiveness and sensuality. And when Gavin once more returns to her side, she trusts in the love they still share.

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