Monday, August 20, 2012

it's been a while

It feels like forever since I wrote my last post. In cyber-time, I suppose it has been. My absence has been for a good reason.

For the past four summers, a group of female friends and I have headed up north to my family's holiday cabin for a week of rest and relaxation. It started when one of my friends went through a particularly nasty divorce, and the rest of us felt she needed some serious love and support from her girlfriends. We flew or drove in from our various corners of the country and had a grand time. Lots of good food, energetic talk, laughter and yummy cocktails. The first year was so good, we decided a second was in order. Then the third. And now we've just enjoyed our fourth. And yes, we have our fifth planned for next year, with an interim visit around Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. We had great weather until the last couple of days, during which multiple cocktails numbed our disappointment at being unable to swim or sun. We ate FAR too much rich food (oh, those brownies. I dream of those brownies!) and stayed up way too late. It was great.

When I got home (and I'm surprised I could make it, I was sooooo exhausted) I spent a few days just sleeping and convincing my body that I did not hate it, and would not abuse it so badly until next year.(I am not a spring chicken anymore!) Then began the daunting task of catching up on everything I'd put on hold. (300 emails anyone?) And finally I got down the to-do list to 'write blog entry'. Ta dah! Done.

September is going to be a busy month. Phaze will be releasing my short story 'To Sir, With Lust'. I'm still waiting for cover art for this story. Also Cambridge Press US will be releasing my first ebook mini-collection 'The Hottest Heat'.

I've been busy with edits and the business end that comes from upcoming releases. You can find out more about each at

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