Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New book releases

Yesterday, my latest interracial erotic romance was released from Phaze. Here's the cover blurb:

When Ray Simmons first notices sultry Kendra Phelps in his class, he is torn between his professional ethics about dating a student and his overwhelming attraction to the sexy coed.

Kendra, on the other hand, has no such dilemma. She's hot for the handsome professor and is determined to seduce him.

When libido triumphs over conscience, the resulting encounter brings on a chemical explosion that changes both their lives forever.

I liked the idea of the 'forbidden' romance...teacher and student. Mind you, my heroine is a twenty-one year old college student, so technically an adult and therefore of legal age, but the hero is a good fifteen years older than her and in a position of authority over her.
It was fun to explore their growing attraction, and to see how they overcame the obstacles in their way.

Some of you may object to the nature of the relationship (he being her teacher). Some will object to the age difference. Some might even object that it is Kendra who is the aggressor in the relationship. I do hope it's a story that generate some discussion.

I, personally, have come to the conclusion that age is just a number. Some twenty-one year olds are very mature and responsible. Some thirty-five year olds are immature and irresponsible. It is the character of the person that counts, and the chemistry that exists between the two consenting adults.  What do you think?

September is a good month for me. I have another release coming up mid-month, this one from Cambridge Press US.

The Hottest Heat is a CRP 'Hot Shorts' EBook anthology for those who want to get off sizzling quick. Volume 1 features stories from the mistress of titilation, Paige Bennet, 'The Gift', 'Rebound', and 'The Perfect Stranger'.
That's me...the Mistress of Titilation!! How cool is that?

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