Tuesday, January 15, 2013

impending release excitement

Once again, far too much time has gone by between blogs. Can't explain it. Won't even try. Put it down to perpetual disorganization and the ease with which I can be distracted. That being said, this is what's going on at this point...

Feb. 5th marks the release of my first novella with Phaze, An Appetite for Seduction. I only have a draft copy of the cover art, but love it. Here's the blurb:

Quinn Foster is a restaurant critic with a discerning palate for fine  food, and an equally discerning eye for the beauty of African American  chef Jameka Rollins. A deliberate mix up of a review for Jameka's restaurant, The Bayou Bistro, causes some severe misunderstandings between  the two singles.

Helping this mix-up along is a work rival of Quinn's, Stan Turner. Jealous of Quinn's success and status at work, and of his growing romance with the  lovely Jameka, Stan sets out with a plan to discredit Quinn and win Jameka  away from the man. But as is the way with best laid plans, they often go  awry, and
can, in fact, get down right dangerous. Despite his best
efforts, Quinn and Jameka find their way to each other, and that's when
things get really interesting!

What is exciting about this release is, that it will be released in print as well as ebook formats. And the print version will include three of my previously published stories: Cheek to Cheek, Focused Desire, and Lust and Found.

I'm hard at work on my next novella, and hope for a first draft by the end of January. So far 2013 is coming along quite nicely.  See you next time.

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