Friday, February 1, 2013

upcoming releases and other news

January is over already. I can't believe it. It seems like only last week I was sweating getting ready for Christmas.

Typically, I'm already behind on my New Year's writing plans. I had hoped to have a first draft of a new novella done by the end of the month, but due to a nasty bout with flu, and a health crisis with my mother, it didn't happen. I am halfway though, and enjoying the unfolding of the story. I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, that this new novella revolves around a May-December romance. Yvetta is in her fifties, widowed and missing having a partner with which to share her life.  Ray is a handyman hired by Yvetta to build a new deck on the back of her house. He's in is early thirties and finds his mature lady boss quite attractive. Sparks fly, and the usual yumminess ensues. I'm just getting to the best of the yummy stuff in the manuscript. Great fun the write! More on that another time.

I have two releases--actually technically three--happening in February. On the 5th, my novella An Appetite for Seduction will be released in ebook form. Then on Feb. 19th, the print version of Appetite, with the addition of three of my earlier releases (Cheek to Cheek, Lust and Found, and Focused Desire), will be released. These are courtesy of Phaze Books.  Later in the month, will find the arrival of my second Hottest Heat collection from Cambridge Press US. These mini collections are proving to be quite popular, so don't miss out.

The good thing about winter going by so fast, is that soon I'll be able to stop stressing about the travelling conditions outside. I have an intense fear about falling, so this time of year is a nightmare for me. Luckily I'm able to work from home, so can avoid the worst, but it's still a relief when spring approaches.

Now back to work for me. Til next time.

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