Thursday, February 28, 2013

life's monkey wrenches

Once again, life has thrown a monkey wrench into the works, just as I got back into a good rhythm with my work. 

Earlier this week, my dear elderly Mom had a bad fall and broke her hip. This is the fall I've been dreading, and now that it's here, it's really thrown me for a loop. She had surgery to put in pins and such to hold it together, and sailed through that with flying colors. Getting over that hurdle helped tone my anxiety down a bit. And each night that she's gotten through and awakened the next morning, helps even more. It's doubly hard because I live some distance from her, and we've had some nasty weather this past few days, restricting my ability to get out (I deal with some mobility issues of my and snow are NOT my friends) Thankfully my only sibling lives closer to her and is able to get in and get updates on a regular basis. I would appreciate you keeping her in your prayers (if you believe in such things...those who don't, well, some positive energy sent her way would be lovely)

February was a productive month with the release of both Appetite for Seduction and my second Hottest Heat collection.  I'm now struggling to finish another interracial erotic romance novella for Phaze...this one a May/September romance...cougars anyone?  I have a romance under my 'real' name coming out in April (I hope), and am scheduled to release another Hottest Heat collection in September. Somewhere in between those dates, an anthology under my 'real' name will be released as well.

Now if life would just stop throwing those monkey wrenches!

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