Thursday, February 28, 2013

life's monkey wrenches

Once again, life has thrown a monkey wrench into the works, just as I got back into a good rhythm with my work. 

Earlier this week, my dear elderly Mom had a bad fall and broke her hip. This is the fall I've been dreading, and now that it's here, it's really thrown me for a loop. She had surgery to put in pins and such to hold it together, and sailed through that with flying colors. Getting over that hurdle helped tone my anxiety down a bit. And each night that she's gotten through and awakened the next morning, helps even more. It's doubly hard because I live some distance from her, and we've had some nasty weather this past few days, restricting my ability to get out (I deal with some mobility issues of my and snow are NOT my friends) Thankfully my only sibling lives closer to her and is able to get in and get updates on a regular basis. I would appreciate you keeping her in your prayers (if you believe in such things...those who don't, well, some positive energy sent her way would be lovely)

February was a productive month with the release of both Appetite for Seduction and my second Hottest Heat collection.  I'm now struggling to finish another interracial erotic romance novella for Phaze...this one a May/September romance...cougars anyone?  I have a romance under my 'real' name coming out in April (I hope), and am scheduled to release another Hottest Heat collection in September. Somewhere in between those dates, an anthology under my 'real' name will be released as well.

Now if life would just stop throwing those monkey wrenches!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The weather outside...

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." Unfortunately, I don't have a nice fireplace for the 'delightful' fire spoken of in the song. Wish I did.  And no, I don't share the song's sentiments to "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".  If anything, I can't wait for it all to melt.

I find myself really irritated at friends of mine who are ecstatic about this recent storm front that dumped several inches of snow all over the Great Lakes area. They rapsodize about the great skiing, the fun they had tobaggoning with the kids, building that giant snowman in the front yard. BAH HUMBUG, I say. BAH!!  They neglect to mention the back breaking job of digging out the car, the thoughtless plough that piles up three feet of snow after I've just dug out said car, the idiot drivers who think a layer of snow on the highway means drive faster, the difficulties of getting around on foot through the freezing wet mess.  I intend to just hunker down and hibernate until all of this crappy white stuff is gone.

One upside in being confined to home though, is I can get some writing done. And this month is heavy with releases, so I need to spend some time on promoting and updating my websites and such.

The ebook version of An Appetite for Seduction is now available at Phaze Books.  The Hottest Heat Vol.2 will be released Valentine's Day from Cambridge Press US  This volume is hotter than the first, I feel, and would make a great naughty gift for your special someone.  February 19 sees the release of the print version of An Appetite for Seduction. Included in this version are three of my previously published stories from Phaze: Cheek to Cheek, Lust and Found, and Focused Desire.

I just entered Cheek to Cheek in the Swirl Awards, and nominated the cover for Best Cover. These awards recognize the best in mulitcultural romance. You can participate. Go to their site to find out how.

Til next time...Paige.

Friday, February 1, 2013

upcoming releases and other news

January is over already. I can't believe it. It seems like only last week I was sweating getting ready for Christmas.

Typically, I'm already behind on my New Year's writing plans. I had hoped to have a first draft of a new novella done by the end of the month, but due to a nasty bout with flu, and a health crisis with my mother, it didn't happen. I am halfway though, and enjoying the unfolding of the story. I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, that this new novella revolves around a May-December romance. Yvetta is in her fifties, widowed and missing having a partner with which to share her life.  Ray is a handyman hired by Yvetta to build a new deck on the back of her house. He's in is early thirties and finds his mature lady boss quite attractive. Sparks fly, and the usual yumminess ensues. I'm just getting to the best of the yummy stuff in the manuscript. Great fun the write! More on that another time.

I have two releases--actually technically three--happening in February. On the 5th, my novella An Appetite for Seduction will be released in ebook form. Then on Feb. 19th, the print version of Appetite, with the addition of three of my earlier releases (Cheek to Cheek, Lust and Found, and Focused Desire), will be released. These are courtesy of Phaze Books.  Later in the month, will find the arrival of my second Hottest Heat collection from Cambridge Press US. These mini collections are proving to be quite popular, so don't miss out.

The good thing about winter going by so fast, is that soon I'll be able to stop stressing about the travelling conditions outside. I have an intense fear about falling, so this time of year is a nightmare for me. Luckily I'm able to work from home, so can avoid the worst, but it's still a relief when spring approaches.

Now back to work for me. Til next time.