Sunday, October 28, 2012

soggy weather

Well, thanks to the "Frankenstorm" that is bombarding the east coast, the area where I live is being deluged with rain...buckets of it. And it's cold and dreary and makes me want to just stay curled up under the covers of my nice comfortable bed with a  good naughty book and my vibrator...*giggle*

 I really shouldn't complain. At least I'm safely away from the worst of the storm. I have no fear of flooding (despite the buckets of rain), nor losing my roof, nor any of a hundred other horrible things that befall people caught in a hurricane. The worst that can happen is that if I go outside I get soaked before I can reach my car in the parking lot. And this rain is sucking the ambition right out of me.

I have so many writing projects on the go or waiting to get started, and I'm accomplishing nada. I know, I know. Like any good little writer, I should just stick my ass in my chair and get to it. But it's hard to push through the lethargy and make words. It's like my muse has been tranquilized. But write, I must, so somehow I will find the spark.

NaNo starts on Thursday, and I've decided to "informally" participate. I want to finish a book that's been languishing for a year or more now. Another 30,000 words should do it. And I have two short stories I need to fast track and get done, which should come to another 20,000, making the 50,000 total that NaNo requires. I plan, at this point, to post my word count via Twitter each day, to make myself accountable publicly. We'll see how this works out.

My wishes for a safe passage through the storm to the east coasters.

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