Monday, October 8, 2012

turkey overdose

I missed posting my blog on Friday due to a holiday weekend up here in Canada (Yep, I'm a Canuck). It was Thanksgiving this past weekend. I am ever puzzled by why we choose to hold it a full six weeks before the American Thanksgiving weekend. It only lends itself to confusion. Perhaps its our way of appearing as if we're not copying our US neighbours on yet another thing. *shrugs*

Whenever it's held, it's always a wonderful family time, and this year was no exception. Too much turkey and stuffing, way too much pumpkin pie (or lemon meringue...or, oh no...pumpkin for sure...oh, all right, a slice of both...with extra whip cream please...sigh), the horrendous cleanup after the manic day or two of cooking, the over distended belly that aches even as you reach for just one more nibble of dark more scoop of mash potatoes smothered in gravy. Argh. My stomach aches just thinking about it. And we have a month and a half to recover before doing it all over again for Christmas.

Speaking of which, I'm starting to panic that Christmas is only a couple months away. I haven't even thought about gifts for this year, let alone where I'm going to get the outrageous sum of money to pay for them all. Hey, it'd be great if some of you decided to buy some of my books. I promise to spend all royalites on gifts for others...really. (actually, just half kidding here...the buying my books part, not the spending on others part)

And speaking of my writing work, I've contracted another short story with Phaze. This one is called Obsession, and is my first foray into the paranormal. It's a very dark vampire tale of revenge--something quite different from my usual erom fare.  And I sent them my 'story that would not die' novella, An Appetite for Seduction, but haven't heard yet if they want it. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm now working on a new series of three shorts for another Hottest Heat collection for Cambridge Press US. Fun, fun, fun!

A happy belated Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers. And a happy Columbus day to my American ones. I hope you all had terrific weekends.

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