Friday, July 19, 2013

And the heatwave continues...

Okay, the heat is no longer news.  It's just damned hot, here, there and everywhere. 'Nuff said.

I really need to conquer this blogging business. I have been so erratic at posting.  I know I'm not the most disciplined nor organized of writers, and I need to fix this. Note to some research on successful blogging.

July was a busy month in my family. My mother, as I think I've mentioned, is elderly and in a home now, her mind drifting with Altzheimers. Her only remaining sibling live all the way across the country in Calgary, Alberta...yes, where they had all the recent flooding. My aunt and cousins travelled east at the beginning of July so they could visit with my Mom. We feel, with both ladies in their eighties now, that it's likely this will be Aunt M.'s last trip this way. It's just too hard on her.

It was wonderful to see the joy on Mom's face when we all gathered at the home for a visit to celebrate her birthday and bring the two sisters together. I'm pretty sure she recognized her sister, which was wonderful. It warmed my heart to watch the two of them together. 

I hadn't seen my cousin for almost thirty years, so it was great to catch up with him. Of course, we talked about the flood they'd left behind. They live in a neighbourhood that had been evacuated, although luckily, their house was spared the flooding. It was terrible to see stories of the damage done by the risen river, and there's a lot of work to be done to bring things back to normal. 

But wouldn't you know, while they were here, Toronto got hit one day by the heaviest rainstorm since Hurricane Hazel in 1954, and there was flooding near the apartment building where they were staying with another aunt! Thankfully, the rest of their stay brought sunny dry weather.

July is flying by...dont' know where the days go...but I will endeavor to blog again next week, and maybe have some news on the writing front. Let's see if I can scare up a little it of discipline in the meantime.
Till then,

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